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About GPT Caravans

Who Are We?

GPT Caravans, over the years has earned a reputation of building quality caravans that is both affordable and lasts tough conditions.

We have developed a range of caravans that are fully tested and adapt to australian road conditions.

We at GPT are also confident that it will be a comfortable experience for you everytime you take your caravan on the road making it a great experience for you.

Contact us today for a demo on one of our caravans that gives you a feel what you are getting before making a decision of buying a caravan.

Our friendly staff will go over all your requirements and plans and custom build a caravan that suits your need.

Call (03) 9357 6168 for an on-site demonstration of our caravan right away!!!




What we do?

Custom Caravan83%
Quality Layout65%
Coper Coting75%